Aircraft Maintenance & Consulting

ADG offers, together with our associated partners Aero Service ( ), large and small aircraft owners and operators a wide range of both maintenance and consultancy services including pre-purchase condition surveys, compliance certification, project management, aircraft delivery/re-delivery and return from lease inspections.  


Under this partnership, we can offer full line-maintenance support for the aircraft types listed on Aero Service´s Scope of Approval.

Our team of highly trained professional have a wealth of ‘hands-on’ experience having held senior management positions in the aviation industry, and can provide flexible, proactive business and technical solutions ranging from maintenance, planning and financial management to aircraft inspections and safety audits.​


Our maintenance and consultancy services include:

Pre-purchase condition surveys

Physical inspections & record reviews

Delivery/re-delivery for airlines and leasing companies

Maintenance visit work-scope development & supervision of checks

Design modifications, through kit supply and on-site supervision

Import/export surveys

EASA CAMO Part M Subpart G services

EASA Part 145 maintenance service

Reviewing contracts for buying or leasing of aircraft and for maintenance visits

Brokerage for both sale and purchase and aircraft lease

Heavy maintenance supervision

Document control reviews

Aircraft Maintenance Supervision

Our focus is to provide first class maintenance and consultancy when managing your aircraft projects, delivering exceptional value for money, maintaining excellent standards, while consistently delivering quality results to the customer.