Aircraft Engineering

Aircraft Engineering

ADG provides professional, cost effective, aircraft engineering consultancy which is tailored to meet the needs of owners and operators worldwide. ADG is underpinned by over 20 years experience in the aircraft industry and is backed by a network of associates in Europe, the USA and South East Asia.

Our services include review and analysis of all airworthiness directives (AD’s) applicable to aircrafts, engines, propellers, and associated equipment. Assistance is also provided in evaluating the structural repair manual (SRM) for both primary and secondary structural damage and repair, and the provision of technical drawings and liaison with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for the approval of repairs that are outside the scope of the OEM’s approved data. 

Furthermore, ADG will review the latest manufacturer’s service bulletins, service letters, or other relevant documentation issued from the aircraft or equipment manufacturer.

We generate procedures and evaluations, including onsite inspections, to demonstrate that any proposed modifications to aircraft or equipment has certified approval from the OEM, type certificate holder (TC) and applicable local aviation authorities.  In doing so, we evaluate the customer’s economical needs and provide recommendations and justification for the implementation of optional modifications.

We have experience with engine health monitoring (EHM) data download, transfer and analysis, and provide remote assistance and onsite supervision of aircraft monitoring equipment modifications.  This includes certification procedures and approvals of supplemental type certificates (STC) which require approval from the civil aviation authority.