Aircraft Planning

ADG Aircraft Planning offers solutions for aircraft maintenance planning and performance monitoring of scheduled maintenance. This includes scheduled and out of phase inspections, component restoration and/or overhaul, execution of airworthiness directives, implementation of guidance from manufacturer’s service bulletins, non-mandatory modifications, and other relevant tasks required for the continuous airworthiness of the aircraft.

ADG will monitor maintenance due dates and ensure that the necessary planning and scheduling is in place to ensure that  maintenance work orders are completed on time, reducing aircraft downtime, thereby helping to increase operating revenue.

ADG will process completed maintenance records and technical log pages, review aircraft due lists, and issue line and base-maintenance work orders and task cards. We are able to maintain accurate records of airframe, engines, propellers and other applicable components in customer supplied computer systems, or can offer the customer full planning coverage by using ADG’s own planning software.  Furthermore, we will update airframe, engine and propeller logbooks in accordance with applicable policies of each individual customer.

Other services that ADG aircraft planning and maintenance systems are able to offer are:

Aircraft Journey and Technical Log Control

Airworthiness Control (AD´s)

Work Order and Work Card Issuing

Aircraft Damage Control

Inventory Control

Reliability Reporting


Staff and Training Control

Tool Calibration Control

Maintenance Forecasting

Publication and Library

Aircraft Maintenance Program Development

Staff and Man-hour Estimation