Spare Part and Material

Maintenance Supervision

ADG Maintenance Supervision service consists of a team of experts who will monitor and supervise each aircraft maintenance period to ensure that it fully meets the requirements of both FAA/EASA Part-145 and EASA Part-M. In doing so, we will ensure that all base maintenance is carried out to the required standard and that all work orders, correctly signed task cards, applicable references, attached documents such as serviceable tags, and certificates of authenticity are readily available.

ADG also offers a maintenance facility audit service to ensure that sufficient, equipment, personnel and other resources are in place to carry out the planned work, as well as assessing the overall quality of the maintenance facility and its personnel.

Our team will establish and maintain a man-hour plan that demonstrates sufficient resources to carry out the planned work scope. Furthermore, we will ensure that all maintenance work is performed by correctly qualified personnel and ensure that all maintenance instructions are readily available to them throughout the maintenance period.


ADG will ensure that scheduled maintenance is carried out in accordance with issued work orders, and that all documents and computer entries are properly completed and directed to the customer’s Continuing Airworthiness Department for filing as appropriate. We will also consolidate all the required spare parts that are intended for use during the maintenance period, and ensure that they have been issued with EASA Form One, FAA 8130 or TCCA 24-0078 when they have been received.

If necessary, ADG will also participate in analysis and liaison with manufacturers and competent authorities if any disputes should arise in regards to concerns about the work scope.