Our Story

Our management team has over 80 years of aviation work experience.  Our knowledge and expertise has been gained by working with various aircraft operators, leasing companies and maintenance repair organizations.

The team at ADG is highly experienced, skilled and motivated.  Each member strives every day to cater to our customers’ needs in a swift and reliable manner.  Therefore, our mission statement and philosophy is directly framed in our slogan; “We bring simplicity to aviation”.

Our partner EFLA, which is a part owner of the company, is the largest engineering firm in Iceland.  EFLA has a tremendously skilled workforce, with over 200 engineers in various multidisciplinary fields of engineering.  ADG is therefore in a position to draw on vast resources at EFLA to complement and enhance our services to our aviation customers.  


Our goal is to be the front runner in offering both aircraft owners and operators a “One-Stop-Shop” in relation to engineering, technical and maintenance support.